Hi all, its been a few weeks now and things are moving in the right direction. Yesterday i got stabbed three times in the arms, its all for a good cause though after all i don't want hepatitis A or Typhoid do i!. I felt a bit drowsy in the evening and felt like i had dead arms all night but im fine apart from that :-).

 I now need to think and quick about which jabs to get next as i will need three jabs or two over a four week period so time is becoming an issue. Even though the three jabs i had yesterday were free the others are not. 

 The buyers for my flat are also coming on well, they emailed and said there mortgage has been accepted. Their solicitors have also been in contact and the viewing for their valuator has been carried out so fingers crossed its all on schedule.

Ill update you all next as soon there is any thing to update :-)

Thanks for your time again


 Hi all, were to begin? Well I suppose I should get everyone up to date with where we are at with the planning and progress etc....

 Its currently the beginning of October and I know we are leaving around the end of November? The flat has basically sold and we awaiting the date of completion hence why I'm vague about dates.

 I have contacted my GP and am awaiting the date I go in for the talk on what jabs I'm going to require. Luckily for me needles don't bother me so I'm not actually worrying about that :-)

   Now this is the Biggie............................I have handed in my notice at work! I currently have 19 working days left and then I'm free! Mixed emotions to be honest.....going to miss my work mates but not the job, yearning for the freedom and the time to explore and and actually appreciate the world we all live in, the opportunity to eat smell and see new things but terrified about not having a routine, not having a regular income and not having the security and comfort of my flat, family, friends, car and every other materialistic thing I have bought to consume lol. 

 I know these must be the thoughts and feelings of most budding backpackers but you cant help but feel your the only one....I guess its the feeling of realisation that's getting to me, no job no flat no car.

Its no longer a dream but not quiet a reality yet.

Well I believe that's about it for now but ill keep you all posted! Thank you for bothering to read this far :-)




    Hi all, I'm Matt a 32 year old who over the past few years has wanted to travel. Ive never done it before but looking forward to immersing myself in it! 


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