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Today i am writing this after arriving in Krabi South Thailand and also having my first Ill day. I think it was a mixture of me not washing my hands and eatin a dodgy ham and cheese toastie....but luckily it was nothing to serious and by tomorrow ill be fine i think :-(

 But anyway we have just finished our 3 nights in Phuket, 3 days in Phi Phi our week in Lanta. We are definitely going back to Lanta. We only saw a little bit but the bits we did see have blown my mind and we have once again met some lovely people. Bow owns the Blue Bailey Bar on coast of Lanta and we have struck up a good friendship so much so that he and his wife Jeny picked us up early one morning and took us to have breakfast with them at one of there favourite places. The food was fantastic and we only paid 50 baht (£1.20 each) as it was Thai prices. They then took us to show us his some of his land and its beautiful. 

 But first we went to Phuket and the beaches where beautiful but it rained non stop the whole time we where there apart from the first day. So we didn't really see much during the day but we went out at night and one night ended up meeting a couple of Welsh guys playing pool with a Thai lady. We ended spending the night with the 3 of them and when the Welsh guys left the Thai lady bought us a drink each and we talked about her and how she owned 3 bars and this one she employed her daughter and nephew. She was a wise lovely business women and we got her card just in case...and  a free beer :-). I tried my first real street food there and it was delicious and cheap, pork i think it was and Abi had chicken livers on a stick. I also got my first tattoo and i love it! Abi got her long time carp on her leg coloured in and again it looks very good and brings out her drawing really well. I left Phuket feeling that I hadn't really seen much of it but Patong Beach was too busy and crowded and full of the wrong sorts of places as far i could see. But Phuket is a big place and worthy of more investigation, I'm sure.

 Then it was Phi Phi, this place was beautiful......gorgeous beaches and it had great bars and restaurants to hang out in. We spent most of the time either on the beach or hanging out in one of our favourite places called The Hippie Bar. Its location was perfect and the staff were friendly and it had everything you want in there. We also took a walk up to the view point in Phi Phi and the view was spectacular...we walked for 45 mins (the long way) and found out at the top there was an actual path for walkers that took only about 15 minutes!! We were drenched with sweat by the time we got there but at least we saw a bit more of Phi Phi :-).
   Food was available 24 hours a day it seemed. You could smell the sweetness of pancakes and try a big slice of pizza for only 80 baht..great value as one was enough. But after two nights in Phi Phi we where back on a boat to transfer to Koh Lanta.

  Well what can we say about Koh Lanta? It seemed to have the best of everything. It was much much more peaceful than Phi Phi and Phuket, yet still had bars and restaurants only seconds away. Difference was you couldn't hear Bass lines pumping at 3 AM like in Phi Phi and there was a fraction of the people. The beaches were beautiful and the water clear and warm. The sand in Phi Phi was white and finer but that's really just splitting hairs. We both love Lanta and cannot wait to go back. We stayed in the Moonwalk resort, the bungalows where amazing but the resort itself had a edgy atmosphere and me and Abi didn't like the vibe. If being ignored and made to feel your bothering them ordering something is your cup of tea then go there. We didn't mind as we met a lovely family who made us feel welcome instantly and it was the resort next door! Blue Bailey Bar its called and its built and owned by Bow. His wife Jeny and his mum and brothers and all his family an friends work there and it rubs of on you. Even though you cant understand them you hear the banter and laughing going on all day and its great. They all come and talk to you and by the 5th day we knew there names, their relationships with each other and Bow made us a very good offer. 
  One night after Bow made us an amazing White Snapper dinner (which i loved) we explained to him what we  where doing, and that we where travelling to find a new home (possibly) and explore the wonderful place which is South East Asia. We had sold up  everything and he seemed amazed. We asked him if he had many people come here doing the same and he said we where the first that he ha spoken too! He then offered to show us his land and if we wanted he would build us a home there. Not only that he would help with all the paperwork and give us both jobs at the Blue Bailey Bar! almost to good to be true. After talking for a few hours we all started to realise this might actually be real. We arranged to picked up at 10am and see the sight. 
   10.45 AM Bow and Jeny turned up, by now the feeling of excitement had gone and the feeling of doubt this was all a hoax started to creep in. Maybe they arent serious? maybe they do this to everyone?
  They picked us up and took us to a little restaurant they use regularly and we didn't have a clue how it worked? it wasn't a buffet but it looked like one and there where no foreigners in there only Thai. Luckily Bow explained how it worked and for £1.20p odd we had an amazing lunch. He then went to pay his electricity bill (Which Jeny showed us) and it was very low considering the amount they use.  We then went to his land-well some of it. It was in a great location and you could see the potential for having a home there. It was simply beautiful and quiet and surrounded by nature and the sea. He went on to explain that he would like us (if we wanted and when we were ready) to open a Bar this side of the Island as its only going to get bigger. One thing at a time i think. "Big home" he kept saying, "Big home i build for you if you want" 

  It was a bit surreal and hen we returned back to the Blue Bailey Bar he said "you guys think, talk about it, i know you go away for another month or so but if you want, you come back and talk to me" There was no pressure and the more we are thinking about it the more of a great idea it sounds. The rent is so low that we could afford it as a holiday home if we ever come back to England and if we cant afford it then we just leave, there is no commitment. He owns it and he pays for build we just rent. We are seriously thinking about it.

 That night Abi was feeling tired so i went for one drink on my own at the Blue Bailey Bar. Bow saw i was on my own and after asking if Abi was ok he suggested i went out with him to his friends bar for a little party. I accepted and then spent a great night with 6 Thai guys drinking and constantly asking "what did he say?" "What did he say".  It was such a good night and all of Bows friends where welcoming, funny and had good hearts. I started thinking to myself when in England would i of gone of with a load of random guys and spent the night with them, completely unable to understand what they are talking about but still joking and laughing with them through broken English and it all made sense. They where great blokes and 4 hours later i stumbled back to my bungalow so happy i accepted his offer-as i refused at first then came to my senses....this is a once in a life time thing. Drop your inhibitions and trust your instincts and you will be ok. If i didn't feel safe with Bow i wouldn't of gone and he was checking up on me all night. Great bloke! Great friends!

 Apart from that adventure we took the week in Lanta to relax and just chill. We topped up our tans and even Abi is now getting colour! We made friends with the local dogs who walked Abi home and then sat with her all morning outside our porch bit....they were lovely and made us miss owning a dog :-( 

  We also spent a lot of time in hammocks chilling at a bar called The Mushroom Bar. That place was ok as long as you blocked the owners 15 year old son who was far to big for his boots (a cocky little shit is what i called him). I snorkelled in the sea and we both as i said generally just relaxed that week. 
 But that week had to end and after exchanging personal numbers with Bow and Jeny, We said our goodbyes, Gave them all a hug and got a family photo of them all. We will be back. 

We are now in Krabi and ill be back soon....again WI-FI depending.

Love and miss you all and thanks for reading this.

Matt x

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We arrived all safe and sound at the hotel about 8.30-9 on the 1st of January. New year new life! 

 The flight wasn't to bad considering we had delays at every step but luckily those delays where all in line so it didn't affect our flights....more just our patience and length of time travelling. We flew with Indian Airlines who where by far the cheapest and i thought it was worth the money. The staff where friendly and the entertainment was adequate. But Abis tv wouldn't work properly so it was hit and miss. By the end of the flight the plane was a mess too, as Abi said it was as if the Air stewards were not getting paid enough to pick up rubbish.....it was pretty bad. The food was good and overall i thought it was well worth the £343 quid it cost...

Heathrow to Delhi - 8 Hours
Change over at Delhi - 2 1/2 hours 
Delhi to Bangkok - 4 hours

Pretty good i think.

 We booked our first few nights in a nice Hotel called Hotel Royal Bangkok Chinatown. Prices here are not for backpackers but we thought we would treat ourselves as its our first few nights - that starts soon lol. 

 The first night we arrived we chilled and took a little walk around but we were so tired we crashed relatively early. We woke the next morning about 11 am Bangkok time and went to the roof bar where we chilled and had lunch/breakfast, then spent the day wandering around China town and looking at what street food was available etc. The next day knowing we would be leaving the Hotel with the nice pool, we decided to relax around the infinity pool and have a few drinks and just chill.

 Then it was of to Khao San Road where we would check into our hostel/hotel and see the crazy antics of the tourist trap that is the Khao San Road!

 That place is crazy....hot busy and a attack on all your senses. It takes a while to relax and not think everyone is out to get you, walking into our Hotel/Hostel put all those feelings at ease. We were met by a lovely man and women who made us feel right at home. The price for the room was good but the gentleman at reception said "go book online it be cheaper for you!" how honest is that!? he was a legend an made me and Abi feel right at home. He really did make that place feel like home, we miss him. We spent the next few days visiting temples and looking around all the all street markets etc. One night me and Abi sat down at bar to have a drink....we got asked to move to a different table, we followed the guy who then went on to ask these two people who were sitting on separate tables to sit together so we can have one of the tables.....awkward!!! luckily they where lovely and moved.....we then, all four of us had a great night drinking and talking....the gentleman was from Finland and the lady from Amsterdam. It was a great night and we made some friends! thank you you two for a great night. 
  The last day in Bangkok we tok a trip up the river on a boat and saw some more sights before getting to the airport to fly to phuket.....where im writing this. 

 So far its been great, met great people, getting a tan and starting to feel like we are gtting into the rythm of things. 

love and miss you all and ill be back soon......wifi dependent.

Matt xx 

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 Well its D Day today, we are all packed up and ready sitting at Heathrow airport awaiting our flight to Bangkok. The time has finally arrived. We have successfully quit our jobs, sold our flat, sold all our possessions and said goodbye to family and friends. There is no more planning or talking about it we now actually have to do it.

 Right now sat here im feeling pretty good. Not to emotional or anxious but i do have this creeping feeling inside of me that i still haven't fully accepted what we are about to embark on. The size and severity of this enormous adventure has not yet sunk in........maybe this is normal. Maybe i have sold everything and said all these goodbyes without actually fully accepting and realising what all that entails. I feel as though i have missed something, or missing something. Im sure this is all normal after all it is life changing and any change this big will undoubtedly bring about emotions and feelings i have not anticipated. How can i? i have never done this before?

 All that being said (or wrote to be more precise) i dont have any doubts. Im fully expecting to have down moments and im not going to allow those feelings to take control and dictate my actions. Im excited about what me and Abi are going to see, smell, eat and do. I know this is what i want and not knowing my future or having any possessions (apart from whats in my backpack) is quite liberating and the feeling of freedom is growing each day. The world is a glorious and beautigfu place........and we are about to see first hand what it has to offer. 

Ive said goodbye to great friends and my lovely family. You will all be missed greatly. But this isnt forever and we will be back :-) 

I love you all very much.

Skype soon xxxxxxx

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Ok so late news is better than no news, Monday we got the call that the flat shall be officially sold and exchanged etc on Thursday the 22nd! that has left us two days to clear everything out, clean the flat book our flights and say our goodbyes......EEEEEEK!

 That's obviously a very short amount of time and with Christmas approaching flights are now double what we would have paid in November. That said we do have the option of spending Christmas here. We really need to decide and quick. Still I like the pressure and the fact we have these options is nice. But it's more the emotional side that I'm battling with, I'm excited and nervous and all that but I feel the surges of sadness about leaving my family and friends and my flat. The reality of what we are about to embark on is creeping in and apprehension and anxiety is kicking me in the gut hard. Every time I stop packing for a minute to drink or eat something I feel the nerves start chattering through my body...."Don't stop" "There's so much to do" "the spare room needs packing" it's exhausting. I'm finding it hard to keep the feelings of excitement up when there's so much to do.

So thanks for reading, we are setting off within a week or two and I'll update you as to when and where.

Thanks again Matt


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Hey all, so while there is still no date yet (which is very annoying) i do know we are sooooo close as the buyers solicitors ave asked them for a date so we have talked to each other and come up with the 13th. As the days go by it seems that's too close so im thinking hopefully around the 19th or 22nd or something. But it all depends on the solicitors and when they close for Christmas etc. Im getting very anxious and frustrated and cant book the flights or start moving stuff out of the flat until we get that date. Im jut stuck in limbo and all the time concerned its not going to be completed until January which would be a disaster financially. I cant sleep and i cant shake this feeling of dread. 
   Leaving work early was a risk and i know that, yet it was a necessity to get all the family visits vaccinations and planning etc done int time before leaving. It will all be ok im sure.

  On happier news we have just got back from Amsterdam and it was amazing. Ive been once before and wasn't impressed with the vibe. I found it edgy and everyone seemed to be moody and unfriendly.
  "I dont know what you want? but you can buy it and leave" that was the welcome these three guys received in one cafe upon entry. The look of shock embarrassment and confusion on their faces made me feel so sorry for them. They left apologising for seemingly nothing and i left shortly after.

 But this time was a much better experience. The staff were friendly and the very first Coffee shop made me feel like this was going to be different and i relaxed instantly. The City itself was alive and bustling until late in the evening. And you always feel safe walking around, even in the middle of the red light district which is were our Hostel was. Which again was fantastic. Clean cheap and close to the centre of town. Theres always lots to do and places to explore even if you dont have any money to spend.

 It was also great spending time with my brother Josh and his mrs Kellie. Great company and they showed me ad Abi how to use the trams! Thank you for coming out and spending time with us!

Hopefully the next post will be about dates. Fingers crossed.

Thanks for reading.


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 Well ive been sat here the last few days trying to feel comfortable with the the fact im no longer employed. Its the first time since i left school im not in work and it doesn't feel natural. When i walk around town at 1 in the afternoon and look around i feel slightly privileged in the fact im one a few at this point in time. Im not burdened with stresses of rushing around during my lunch break trying to cram all my chores into an hour, nor am i at work trying to get through the day, dealing with customers and the pressures a work place gives. No, im walking around with nothing but time and i feel my strides become closer as i walk and my pace slow sown and this feeling of de-pressurisation. Im, beginning to pull away from the 9-5 rat race slow down and today at least i like it.

 I am finding myself constantly looking up the TEFL course im going to take in Cambodia though. Probably because im trying to reassure my self that money isn't going to be an issue and everything is going to be ok. It does excite me :-). Once the course is complete and ive done 7 weeks practical training in a school i can then get a job earning a decent wage especially in comparison to the cost of living in England and with the course i have in mind i should have the tools to be able to teach English competently and give something back to the pupils in countries im able to teach in. The one thing i want to get across is that im not teaching to just pay for my extended stay in Asia, i actually want to give something back and show that we care. Im also excited to see what they teach me.

 But as of last Friday im another step closer to travelling. And the first of many lessons have been learned. I was sad to say goodbye to my friends at Mclaren and there were a lot. They really did  make my life bearable and im going to miss the banter and everyday interactions that i really enjoyed. im going to miss them. Im proud of the fact i built the Mclaren P1 and i know they are to and i couldn't of asked for a better bunch of guys and girls (Jay) to of worked with. Thank you all 

 Then i was warned that i need to get used to goodbyes because on the backpacking routes you will become friends with people, spend a solid 2 weeks going of on adventures and partying and then having to go on separate paths and most likely never been seen again. This is something me and Abi will have to deal with and knowing that going into it should probably help, hopefully. 

Well thanks for reading and ill be back soon.




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Hi all, its been a few weeks now and things are moving in the right direction. Yesterday i got stabbed three times in the arms, its all for a good cause though after all i don't want hepatitis A or Typhoid do i!. I felt a bit drowsy in the evening and felt like i had dead arms all night but im fine apart from that :-).

 I now need to think and quick about which jabs to get next as i will need three jabs or two over a four week period so time is becoming an issue. Even though the three jabs i had yesterday were free the others are not. 

 The buyers for my flat are also coming on well, they emailed and said there mortgage has been accepted. Their solicitors have also been in contact and the viewing for their valuator has been carried out so fingers crossed its all on schedule.

Ill update you all next as soon there is any thing to update :-)

Thanks for your time again


<![CDATA[The beginning]]>Wed, 05 Oct 2016 19:50:05 GMThttp://mabitravel.com/1/post/2016/10/the-beginning.htmlPicture
 Hi all, were to begin? Well I suppose I should get everyone up to date with where we are at with the planning and progress etc....

 Its currently the beginning of October and I know we are leaving around the end of November? The flat has basically sold and we awaiting the date of completion hence why I'm vague about dates.

 I have contacted my GP and am awaiting the date I go in for the talk on what jabs I'm going to require. Luckily for me needles don't bother me so I'm not actually worrying about that :-)

   Now this is the Biggie............................I have handed in my notice at work! I currently have 19 working days left and then I'm free! Mixed emotions to be honest.....going to miss my work mates but not the job, yearning for the freedom and the time to explore and and actually appreciate the world we all live in, the opportunity to eat smell and see new things but terrified about not having a routine, not having a regular income and not having the security and comfort of my flat, family, friends, car and every other materialistic thing I have bought to consume lol. 

 I know these must be the thoughts and feelings of most budding backpackers but you cant help but feel your the only one....I guess its the feeling of realisation that's getting to me, no job no flat no car.

Its no longer a dream but not quiet a reality yet.

Well I believe that's about it for now but ill keep you all posted! Thank you for bothering to read this far :-)