Well ive been sat here the last few days trying to feel comfortable with the the fact im no longer employed. Its the first time since i left school im not in work and it doesn't feel natural. When i walk around town at 1 in the afternoon and look around i feel slightly privileged in the fact im one a few at this point in time. Im not burdened with stresses of rushing around during my lunch break trying to cram all my chores into an hour, nor am i at work trying to get through the day, dealing with customers and the pressures a work place gives. No, im walking around with nothing but time and i feel my strides become closer as i walk and my pace slow sown and this feeling of de-pressurisation. Im, beginning to pull away from the 9-5 rat race slow down and today at least i like it.

 I am finding myself constantly looking up the TEFL course im going to take in Cambodia though. Probably because im trying to reassure my self that money isn't going to be an issue and everything is going to be ok. It does excite me :-). Once the course is complete and ive done 7 weeks practical training in a school i can then get a job earning a decent wage especially in comparison to the cost of living in England and with the course i have in mind i should have the tools to be able to teach English competently and give something back to the pupils in countries im able to teach in. The one thing i want to get across is that im not teaching to just pay for my extended stay in Asia, i actually want to give something back and show that we care. Im also excited to see what they teach me.

 But as of last Friday im another step closer to travelling. And the first of many lessons have been learned. I was sad to say goodbye to my friends at Mclaren and there were a lot. They really did  make my life bearable and im going to miss the banter and everyday interactions that i really enjoyed. im going to miss them. Im proud of the fact i built the Mclaren P1 and i know they are to and i couldn't of asked for a better bunch of guys and girls (Jay) to of worked with. Thank you all 

 Then i was warned that i need to get used to goodbyes because on the backpacking routes you will become friends with people, spend a solid 2 weeks going of on adventures and partying and then having to go on separate paths and most likely never been seen again. This is something me and Abi will have to deal with and knowing that going into it should probably help, hopefully. 

Well thanks for reading and ill be back soon.






You've inspired me Matt. There will always be a crisis or dark stage in our lives. There will be times that we will stumble and fail, but what matters most is how we bounce back from that failure. It is not too late to change the course of our lives. Tomorrow will always be another day and another chance to start again. Keep the spirit burning Matt!

11/09/2016 5:19pm

Thank you for your comment! Its so nice to know someone is taking something from this. And i feel your words are true and come from experience :-) Matt

03/16/2017 4:37am

This is very inspiring to read. As a graduating student, I am very nervous about what will happen to my future and my path to greatness. I want to set my foot on the way that will make my parents proud of me. I’m glad that you set your foot in the right direction, even if your situation is not very good yet, you show your determination to have a good life. After reading this blog, I learn a lot about your experience. I will acknowledge the things that will make me grow and be mature for my future.


I was also jobless for the longest time. I have been like that for five years. On the third year I was hired by a good company. It was the stuff of dreams but for some reason, I didn't pursue because my partner that time does not want me to work. Later I found out I was pregnant. It was for the best that I did not work because I would have had a miscarriage if I did. You see God has plans for us all the time. Now I have a homebased job that allow me to take care of my son while working at home. I feel I have the best job in the world.

11/23/2016 5:43am

Don't worry. Everything will be ok and you will find a great job soon!

02/19/2017 3:22am

Always waiting for you coming back! Waiting for your next posts here!


There is nothing wrong with being jobless. People have their own reasons why they are unemployed. Some people are unemployed because they left their job since they were not happy anymore. Some people are unemployed because even though they have the potential, no company has a vacancy position for them. And some people are unemployed because they are taking time off after studying for 16 years. Being jobless is okay as long as you know what you are doing and as long as you have a plan set out for you. Good luck on your future endeavors!

03/07/2017 7:40am

Good luck at your next job. Your career in McLaren maybe stop, but you already have a plan for taking TEFL. I am proud of you because you already know the path you have to go. Everything is going to be fine for sure. It is going to be helpful for sure and don't worry too much. We are invariably given a chance to start and again and change the path and choice we made before it's too late.


Keep sharing.


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06/01/2017 1:50am

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06/19/2017 8:29pm

Thank you for sharing us this very inspirational story, Matt! I am still in my fourth year of college and it actually bothers me not getting a job after I graduate. I tend to think about my future every time and it really scares me that nobody would hire me but after reading your story, I learned that I should not be afraid of not getting a job instantly. There will be a time wherein you have to face difficulties but this should not be a hindrance in achieving your dreams. When things get hard, just pause for a while, take a deep breath and think positive. I am glad that you have set your directions right and I am hoping that you will do well with the things you want to do.

06/23/2017 5:32am

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