Hey all, so while there is still no date yet (which is very annoying) i do know we are sooooo close as the buyers solicitors ave asked them for a date so we have talked to each other and come up with the 13th. As the days go by it seems that's too close so im thinking hopefully around the 19th or 22nd or something. But it all depends on the solicitors and when they close for Christmas etc. Im getting very anxious and frustrated and cant book the flights or start moving stuff out of the flat until we get that date. Im jut stuck in limbo and all the time concerned its not going to be completed until January which would be a disaster financially. I cant sleep and i cant shake this feeling of dread. 
   Leaving work early was a risk and i know that, yet it was a necessity to get all the family visits vaccinations and planning etc done int time before leaving. It will all be ok im sure.

  On happier news we have just got back from Amsterdam and it was amazing. Ive been once before and wasn't impressed with the vibe. I found it edgy and everyone seemed to be moody and unfriendly.
  "I dont know what you want? but you can buy it and leave" that was the welcome these three guys received in one cafe upon entry. The look of shock embarrassment and confusion on their faces made me feel so sorry for them. They left apologising for seemingly nothing and i left shortly after.

 But this time was a much better experience. The staff were friendly and the very first Coffee shop made me feel like this was going to be different and i relaxed instantly. The City itself was alive and bustling until late in the evening. And you always feel safe walking around, even in the middle of the red light district which is were our Hostel was. Which again was fantastic. Clean cheap and close to the centre of town. Theres always lots to do and places to explore even if you dont have any money to spend.

 It was also great spending time with my brother Josh and his mrs Kellie. Great company and they showed me ad Abi how to use the trams! Thank you for coming out and spending time with us!

Hopefully the next post will be about dates. Fingers crossed.

Thanks for reading.




01/05/2017 10:33pm

I envy you. I've always wanted to go to Amsterdam. That is my favorite place next to Paris. I am planning on going there this summer vacation. I am still busy with my studies, but hopefully I can achieve my lifelong dream. Good for you.

05/21/2017 11:48pm

I am very hyped to go in this place. I am just a student for now and dream to go in some beautiful places. I really enjoy reading this article and really make me expect some of this, if I will go in this place. It seems that you experience many happy things in this place and really make your stay really happy. I am very determined to work hard, so that I will go in this place someday.

09/25/2017 8:10pm

Welcome back. I haven't gone to Amsterdam before but I am actually planning to go there with my friends next month. I hope we don't experience the same thing that happened to you the first time you went there. That was just plain rude and unnecessary. It would be awesome if we could get to meet each other in person. I'm an avid follower of your site so it would be an honor. Thanks for the update!

It's a beatiful city indeed. I've been to Amsterdam before. It's a good post.


this is the city when you can easily get whatever you want if you have enough money. Debauchery and vice prevail here.

05/23/2017 11:48pm

Nice post, little man with a big shoes.


Being in Amsterdam would be an amazing experience for you.


Nice post.


Great place for visiting.


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