We arrived all safe and sound at the hotel about 8.30-9 on the 1st of January. New year new life! 

 The flight wasn't to bad considering we had delays at every step but luckily those delays where all in line so it didn't affect our flights....more just our patience and length of time travelling. We flew with Indian Airlines who where by far the cheapest and i thought it was worth the money. The staff where friendly and the entertainment was adequate. But Abis tv wouldn't work properly so it was hit and miss. By the end of the flight the plane was a mess too, as Abi said it was as if the Air stewards were not getting paid enough to pick up rubbish.....it was pretty bad. The food was good and overall i thought it was well worth the £343 quid it cost...

Heathrow to Delhi - 8 Hours
Change over at Delhi - 2 1/2 hours 
Delhi to Bangkok - 4 hours

Pretty good i think.

 We booked our first few nights in a nice Hotel called Hotel Royal Bangkok Chinatown. Prices here are not for backpackers but we thought we would treat ourselves as its our first few nights - that starts soon lol. 

 The first night we arrived we chilled and took a little walk around but we were so tired we crashed relatively early. We woke the next morning about 11 am Bangkok time and went to the roof bar where we chilled and had lunch/breakfast, then spent the day wandering around China town and looking at what street food was available etc. The next day knowing we would be leaving the Hotel with the nice pool, we decided to relax around the infinity pool and have a few drinks and just chill.

 Then it was of to Khao San Road where we would check into our hostel/hotel and see the crazy antics of the tourist trap that is the Khao San Road!

 That place is crazy....hot busy and a attack on all your senses. It takes a while to relax and not think everyone is out to get you, walking into our Hotel/Hostel put all those feelings at ease. We were met by a lovely man and women who made us feel right at home. The price for the room was good but the gentleman at reception said "go book online it be cheaper for you!" how honest is that!? he was a legend an made me and Abi feel right at home. He really did make that place feel like home, we miss him. We spent the next few days visiting temples and looking around all the all street markets etc. One night me and Abi sat down at bar to have a drink....we got asked to move to a different table, we followed the guy who then went on to ask these two people who were sitting on separate tables to sit together so we can have one of the tables.....awkward!!! luckily they where lovely and moved.....we then, all four of us had a great night drinking and talking....the gentleman was from Finland and the lady from Amsterdam. It was a great night and we made some friends! thank you you two for a great night. 
  The last day in Bangkok we tok a trip up the river on a boat and saw some more sights before getting to the airport to fly to phuket.....where im writing this. 

 So far its been great, met great people, getting a tan and starting to feel like we are gtting into the rythm of things. 

love and miss you all and ill be back soon......wifi dependent.

Matt xx 

Check out pics and videos on our PICS AND VIDEOS page...



02/08/2017 12:24am

I've never been to Bangkok. They say that Bangkok has a lot of fashion garments. I love going along with the latest fashion trends. I think Bangkok is the best place for me.


I think flight delays are inevitable. I mean, most of my flight experience are delay, but more importantly we are safe during the trip. When I first experienced a flight delay, I was really bored and kind of pissed because I've been waiting for so long. But then, the next time I went to an airport, I brought some stuff that kept me occupied while waiting. And that's it, I never even realized that the flight was delayed since I'm having so much fun. Also, the trip was worth waiting for. I'm talking like, I've been preparing and waiting for this to happen for months and now I only have to wait for hours for that to happen. Still thanking the management for keeping me and the other passengers safe.

07/12/2017 4:25pm

Bangkok is one of the countries I am very mesmerized. Their temples are incredible, especially the construction of it. The Chinatown in Bangkok has been one of the biggest Chinatown in the world. They are very beneficial for finding the cheapest products. And the street food they offer are very delicious. But this place is very big and it is kind of hard to navigate on this place. Here the Buddha is the largest gold Buddha. I am recommending this to everyone and make sure to visit this place.

02/14/2017 9:35pm

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02/20/2017 3:46pm

I just love Bangkok. It's a Chinese community settled in the present-day, it's one of the few place with tourist areas that has not been exposed to a wide range of people. Retaining it's undeveloped but nonetheless endearing format. It was once best known for it's opium dens, pawnshops and food stalls with amazing menus and fabrics that lure people from all around the world. I remember taking a taxi about 30 minutes from my hotel and I had tried a verity of seafood street restaurant which was nice, not really clean, but still nice.


It is always interesting to read what did you miss in the same tour and want to look in the next round. Well done!


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05/24/2017 1:18am

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