Well what can i say about Thai Cozy House......it does exactly what is says on the tin. Cozy family atmosphere, clean, far enough from Kaho san road to not here the music or the be around the large crowds of drinkers but close enough to walk there in under a minute if you wanted to see the carnage! 
    As soon as we walked in we where greeted by a lovely couple of reception staff who made us feel welcome and right at home instantly. We discussed the price of the room and the man on the left took us up to show us our room. The room was exactly what we wanted. Clean double bed and a private bathroom with shower and he said it was 1000 Baht a night, so 500 each which we were happy with that. He then proceed to tell us to book online and we might save a few hundred baht which we did! £32 for 2 nights was all we paid, £8 a night each. There was wifi available which was ok to handle your phone or tablet but not to update the website or anything requiring a wide bandwidth. He was very honest and accommodating. He was such a lovely man and me and Abi now consider him a friend. He spent a good few hours talking to us outside when he had finished a 12 hour day and would always pop over for a chat if he saw one of us. He just helped us as much as he could. He organised the taxi for us to the airport, suggested good places to go for cheap and generally checked up on us to make sure we were ok and comfortable. If he could he would. The building itself was clean and had a laundry service. There was a restaurant/bar literally built within its walls and a lovely roof terrace bit to smoke and chill. They are open 24 hours a day and the location really is perfect. We loved staying here and would definitely come back. 

My rating is 9/10 if you have a little more to spend than a real budgeting back packer.  Its not expensive by any means but its not the cheapest either (for budgeting backpackers) but you get what you pay for.

Hopefully we will see them again.




20/02/2017 8:17am

Well Thai's are one of the most hospitable people in the world. I've visited Thailand twice and I could only say the experience was one of the best. One, because of the lovely and kind Thai's and two, because of the amazing and historical scenery you could enjoy. When I reached Thailand, a woman named Praya assisted us all throughout our stay. It was a warm welcome she did for someone who doesn't even know us. I said to her that I will come back again and will wish for her assistance once more. Thank you Thailand! I had such a great time.

25/02/2017 4:33pm

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09/03/2017 1:29pm

Hi! Matt&Abi I found it. Hahaha

01/05/2017 5:43pm

It looks like that place is really very nice to stay at. I will keep it in my mind!

14/06/2017 12:23am

It's cozy for them? There is no space at all! Wow, that's impressive!

19/10/2017 6:39am

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31/10/2017 5:16am

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03/11/2017 10:55pm

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